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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Errant Knaves

The Festival emailed me back.  They said that the deadline was extended so I still had time to submit, which will be done later on today.  I think a day off is really a day where you still have a bunch to do but you don't get paid to do those things.  Generosity!

I wanted to speak a little bit more on the "workshop" that I had with Peter and Katie.  First, I wish that I had given myself more time to read through the piece.  I wanted to see how instinctively the words came to the actors from the page.  The answer was not really.  And it's not their fault, its my own because what I wrote was dense and awkward.  If  I had given  myself more time, we could have gone through the play again and I could have given little notes here and there.  That way I could get an idea as to how far a leap has to be made.  Again, everything was insanely helpful.

Even though I said that I didn't want the feedback, it would have been a good thing to have.  Peter mentioned that it was a very Greek piece and that gave it a lot of clarity.  Didn't see that coming.  The feedback thing wasn't a question of ego but I was more scared that there was going to be input that I would really take to and then the play would go off in a million different directions.

I already think that it's a little more "complicated" than what I had imagined.  That's not really a good thing.  I find that it's hard to keep focus on themes when I'm writing (hence the workshop).  But Katie and Peter were great helps.

Art = Windmills.
I went back and read through it and found myself making a lot more notes than what I figured I would.  I really should allow more time on these projects because when I do, it comes out better in the end.

The play ended up being a bit longer than I thought that it would.  I was shooting for fifteen pages and ended up at nineteen (the max was twenty).  With the Pinter Pauses that I put in there, this might run a good bit of time.

Finally settled on the title:  The Errant Knaves.  Something about it seemed to fit, but naturally I reserve the right to change the damn thing.  It's appropriate enough but something about it suggests that the father and son go out on quixotic adventures when they don't.  I guess it's something that I would have written back in my high school days.  But it's a lot stronger than what I would have produced back in the day.  At the very least, I feel like I've grown as an artist.

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