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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Work Around the Corner

So, normally, I try to post more regularly than this but there have been mitigating circumstances.

Started a new day job.  Very low stress which I'm more than keen about.

Also, moved out of the condo and back in with the 'rents.  Should be a temporary measure, but it's hard to argue against free lodgings.  Plus, they have immaculate taste in coffee (though I have to supply the creamer).

I'm on the far left, looking more hip than I do in real life. 
Not to mention that I've been under the weather for the last couple of days.  Yet, this soldier still carries on.

On the theatre front, though, Boys Next Door is going up next week at the Bay Street Theatre in Savannah, GA.  Tickets are on sale at this link: Here we go to Club One!

Thanks again to everyone for the congrats and the well-wishes for The Errant Knaves that's going up at the Manhattan Theatre Source in June.  I'm going to see what I can do about going to New York City this Summer to catch the festival.  The curiosity is killing me!

Speaking of new works, I'm going to send in a clip of Here Are the Rules to the Well Theatre in NYC as well.  Though the play is not completed, it is in my mind and would be happy to finish it for a production.  I think that it will work well with their company. They seem to enjoy productions about youth in difficult situations;  I think this will be right up their alley.

Want to spend the rest of the month working on Wake.  This was a play that I completed while I was in college.  The first version was not completed, but I re-worked the idea into something else.  The second draft got an A in my Playwriting II class (an independent study with Caleb).  I find that the more time passes, the more critical I am with what I had written.  Always with the same comments like "How could I have been so corny?"  "Why not add this or remove that?" kind of thing.  I try not to hold it too hard against myself.  After all, art is constant learning process, right?

So, several years ago, I was told that someone I half knew when I was in high school might be getting a bad diagnosis re: cancer.  Seemed kind of young for it and I sympathized.  However, in total honesty, I didn't really know them and wouldn't miss them.

"Oh, I thought you two were tight in high school."

"No," I said.  "I just knew them in passing."

"Oh.  Well, I guess you shouldn't give the eulogy, then, huh?"

I thought it was funny.  But then I thought... what if I did have to give the eulogy of someone that I didn't really know?  Well, I would have to give my limited impression of them in front of men and women who were much more involved emotionally than myself.  And things took off from there.

I began re-writing it while I was at work today.  The last version was too clunky, too long and too... well, boring.  A lot of people standing around talking.  And it's not that is the problem, the real problem was that they were saying the same things over and over again.   This version is already a lot cleaner and more what I want it to be.  Hopefully, it becomes a success!

Working out the details now of the next staged production.  Stay tuned for that.

Last note:  please vote in the Best of Savannah 2011 with Connect Savannah!!!

Vote in Best of Savannah 2011 with Connect Savannah!!!

Most Monday Nights at Muse Arts Warehouse!!!
Remember that the Odd Lot is the hardest working group in town by putting on shows on a nearly  basis!  Also remember that Christopher Blair is a wonderful talent, a hard-worker and makes a damn fine cup of brew at Starbucks!!!  SUPPORT LOCAL AWESOME!!!

I appreciate the reads and the shares.  Thanks for your help, love and support and continued patronage.

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