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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Play Festival: SHARE THE LINK!

Had an awesome dinner last night with the cast of The Boys Next Door.  Chris Stanley shall forever be one of the most kind and generous souls I have ever met.  After the dinner at Alligator Soul (one of the best meals I've had in Savannah, FYI), we went over to Club One for drinks and karaoke.  I did sign up for a song (To Make You Feel My Love as done by Billy Joel) but it was getting too late and the day job came too early.

But it's really nice to be amongst peers and colleagues.  Maybe that's putting college words on people who are just friends, but it's nice to experience a kind of night life every now and again.

The fundraising for A Midsummer Night's Play Festival has begun.  Already had some donations, but still a ways from the goal.  Below is the link for the fundraising website, Kickstarter:

Give what you can and pass the link along.  Naturally, I'm going to try to annoy everyone to death with raising the money.  The more you donate, the sooner we are to making goal and therefore, the sooner I will stop asking for it.

But very happy about the outreach that many have done already, offering their services helping set-up the event. Not just happy, but kind of touched.  It's good to get this kind of encouragement with events.  Makes me feel that I can do anything in this town but... well, let's take one thing at a time.

One last note:  if you're interested in being involved in the event, through writing, acting, directing, please go ahead and let me know.  I'm making lists of those expressing their interests at this point.  I haven't settled on the number of plays until I get a better idea as to the number of people involved.

Keep watching this space for more updates.  Again, SHARE THE LINK!

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