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Saturday, March 26, 2011

All These Things I've Yet To Do

No word yet from the TestoGenius Festival.  It's understandable; they've had a long period of time for submissions and probably had a lot of them.  Still anxious to hear something, but I can be patient.

I went ahead and made a list of play festivals that I'm going to submit to this year.  I think this is the year that I'm going to submit to Humana/Actor's Theatre of Louisville and for the Essential Theatre in Atlanta (run by Mr. Peter Hardy).  What's cool about them is that they may not produce your script, but they like to see "who's on the radar".  Seems like a good thing, in any case.  All said and done it's quite satisfying submitting work and knowing that it's going to be read.  At least, I say that now.

I've also been thinking about the plays that I've been working on for the last couple of years.  Including the Odyssey musical, there have been at least three other plays that I feel the need to work on.  One was done, one was almost done, one was never set to paper.

The next submission is going to be at the Well Theatre (note:  not the Wells Theatre) in  NYC.  They are also looking for short plays, full-length and also sketches of plays.  If I'm looking at the right theatre, they're about to do a production of Henry V.  The executive director said that the play was is ideal for our company because, at it's core, it's a play about a young person taking on a responsibility that he is not quite prepared to handle.

Article on that production...

Every time I find a website like Broadway World or even the Arts Section of the New York Times or the Theatre Loop for Chicago Tribune, I get motivated.  I mean, writing is something that people are capable or doing.  And I have such a strong desire to do it, I'm happy when I do it, it seems like something that I should do more often.  It's why I like the blog because now that I share that out loud (in a sense), I feel that it becomes true and then it becomes gospel.

So, in the six weeks, I am going to be moving twice.  Probably won't have that much time to update (which is fine) but hopefully afterwards, I'll be able to finish another piece.  Deadline for Well Theatre is April 15th.  I think something could be sent by then.

Also:  I've seen that I've been getting views from Hungary on a pretty consistent basis.  I like this, I'm tickled by this.  So, I've been googling "hungary theatre" and putting up what I find.  Today, I found this:

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