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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TestoGenius Festival! (Part One)

Right now, I have a great start on a play for the playwrighting festival.

TestoGenius Festival!

I love festivals because they give parameters and a deadline.  In other words, they give a fire that I flee from.  There's no kind of motivation like death... or severe tissue scarring... it's not a perfect metaphor.

I'll post the entire script on when it is completed.  The theme is fatherhood;  I had a couple of false starts.  I was trying to deal with the theme directly and that wasn't what I wanted to say.  I think I like subtlety in art.  I like having to read between the lines, even when I don't get it.  Naturally, I want to use my experiences as a father in the show, but I kept coming back to the way that my father treated me while I was growing up.  And there will be something about the Flying Dutchman and some Greek myth thrown in if need be.

I feel good about this one.  Might be a good piece of writing.

Tried putting it on the typewriter.  Had a good steam going but the ink ribbon gave out.  So, computer it must be!  But at least I tried with the typewriter.

Aiming to have the play done by the end of the week!

Not me, not my father, just a fitting image.

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